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May all the 9 to 5 workers, stay-at-home mothers, and seniors rise because today is your lucky day! Are you looking for an online game to keep your mind off of your work routine or to keep you and perhaps your children and grandchildren entertained? Or are you simply looking for the best game there is to stimulate your brain cells? Well, let us tell you that each member of our team had the same issues. That is precisely the reason why we sought to scout the internet in order to bring you the best and latest games available online! You shall benefit from products from a wide range of game types intended for entertainment purposes. If this announcement sounds enticing to you, we invite you to get a little bit more familiar with our website and to seize the opportunity to have a great time!

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About Us

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Although you might be much more intrigued by the content of our website, we wanted to make use of these few lines to let you know more about who we are and what we have decided to get on board in this journey. Call us geeks or nerds, neither are even close to the definition commonly attributed to these terms. Basically, we are far worse! We are all college friends who are in their 30s now, from different countries like China, the USA, England, France, and India, and all except one (he will never admit it) were considered nerds and geeks throughout our high school and college experiences. It turned out pretty good since we are here today! It all started with the Sega, PS 1, 2, 3, or Xbox and Nintendo. However, today the games being available on the internet to offer a bigger range of options to choose from for every player. Since we have the best addresses online (casinos, free games, etc.), we have taken a pledge to spread our knowledge throughout this website. Now that we are a little bit more familiar with each other, college experiences being a huge and embarrassing confession, let us begin with what you can expect from our new website, shall we?

Firstly, your link to the American selection of free slot games is found here. Or a selection of the best UK online casinos. Some providers vary from country to country, so these games are those commonly found inside of US casinos online.

The games

Yes, our website is dedicated to games. However, you may ask what kind of game? Well, we took a moment to actually list all the games you shall find on this platform, with a brief description. We are leaving no Man behind as we try our hardest to find games that will suit a wide range of players.

1. Casinos

Online casinos are in total expansion these days. You may ask why? Isn’t it better to go to an actual casino and pretend we are in Vegas? Well, some would say yes, but the vast majority of online gamblers will tell you that online casinos are far more lucrative than land-based casinos. The reason why is extremely simple: bonuses. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, online casinos will offer you bonuses that grant you with money on top of the money you would win by playing on slot machines, blackjack tables, even poker. This appeared as a golden opportunity for some of us who play, and that is precisely the reason why we want you to benefit from our knowledge to increase your bankroll and to discover a variety of games made available on online casinos as you can check here on the page of editor’s review.

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2. Sports

Sports! Like we have told you before, we are a boys’ team, and as boys, our first passion remains sports! Although only one of us played football in high school, we always gather to watch football on Sundays! So, we decided to see if there was a way to combine our love for sports and our love for online games. That is exactly how this section of our website came about. You will be able to find all games possible that relate to sports, from sports betting to game simulation, this section is the ultimate jackpot for sports lovers!

3. Children

Keeping your children entertained in the smartest way possible is now available thanks to our platform. Children's games are one of our favorites as well since some of them have the power to bring you back to your childhood in a matter of a click. We value the importance of entertainment for your little nuggets and we suggest that you check this section if you are looking for smart games to stimulate your kids’ brains. Keep in mind that we are nerds here!

4. Brainiac

The greatest development in the realm of online games remains what we choose to call brainiacs games. Those are the kind of games you could potentially spend hours on without even getting close to reaching the first level. We particularly appreciate these types of games because it creates this social bond between players. We value it even more since that is how some of us met!

The news section

Although we want you to enjoy playing games that might interest you, we also want you to play responsibly without falling into any addiction. We have brainstormed quite a bit on the subject and we came up with this section : the news section. You will still be able to stay on our website searching for news games and at the same time stay informed of the latest game releases. It will be a different type of writing and product we offer you here, which will grant you a great deal of knowledge about this world of ours!