NextGen revolutionizes online casino games with the Psycho slot machine!

The unconditional online casino games’ lovers and movie fanatics will be delighted by this brand new online slot machine by the software provider NextGen. Indeed, who would have thought that Alfred Hitchcock and the world of slot machines could go well together? NextGen! The software provider is granting the players a new machine combining the latest technological advances with the landmarks of thriller movies by the one and only Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho remains a classic movie throughout time and generations. The Australian software provider NextGen is paying tribute to the movie by creating a machine dedicated to the movie in every detail.

NextGen meets Alfred Hitchcock

Does everybody remember the notorious horrific shower scene featuring Hollywood’s famous actress Janet Leigh? If not, we invite you to familiarize yourself with Hitchcock’s classics. On the other hand, if you do, you shall be as amazed, as we were when we first heard that NextGen intended to release a slot machine adapted from the movie. NextGen, which belongs to the group NYX Gaming, remains a well-known software provider offering a range of reliable products. If any software provider was to release the Psycho online slot machine, NextGen is the safest bet!

« If any software provider was to release the Psycho online slot machine, NextGen is the safest bet! »

Indeed, the Australian branch to NYC Gaming figures among the top 3 list of the most successful iGaming providers. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise, that NextGen is the most suited operator to adapt such a cinematographic masterpiece into a slot machine. Let us hope that NextGen will be able to provide a high-quality product, the same way that Alfred Hitchcock marked Hollywood with his movie Psycho!

The Psycho slot machine

This rather unusual project emerged from the association of NYX Gaming and the Universal Partnerships & Licensing Company. The Psycho online slot machine is expected to be released through the first trimester of 2015. Initially, players that are interested in this new game will be able to try it on devices powered by the NYS OGS software, before the game is released to online casinos worldwide based on the NYX Gaming network.

The NYX Gaming’s executive director released a statement in view of the release of the new slot machine stating that: “Psycho will be initially made available to our partners NYC CGO. It will then be extended to the rest of the industry thanks to our worldwide network. We are extremely enthused to release this brand new and original online slot machine, which represents another prime-time IP title provided by the NextGen technology. The movie’s infamous scenes, powered by the NextGen technology represent a very promising product and will guarantee the players to enjoy the thrill of the game through every spin.” awards NextGen with brownie points for this new winter blockbuster, which we cannot wait to put our hands on! Thumbs up, and stay tuned for more news on the official release of the game!