First mobile casino launched by Microgaming and Windows (Updated)

2015 was off to a great start for online casinos! brings you the latest games available on every platform. Therefore, we present you a new product delivered by the widely known iGaming software provider: Microgaming. This time, Microgaming and the Windows mobile company have paired up to bring you their brand new casino available on mobile and tablet devices. After further research, we have gathered enough information to enlighten you on the Microgaming legacy and to be able to guide you through this new application. Ready? Set, Go!

The association of Microgaming and Windows

Microgaming has finally agreed to expand its horizon and invested in mobile casino. The software provider has opted for a golden partnership with the well-established Windows Phone market. Microgaming executive director said it himself: “We are fully aware that the future of online casinos resides in the development of mobile applications for the players. Windows Phone was the best partner we could have hoped for considering its extensive database and influence on the mobile market especially in Europe. We are confident that our mobile application designed with Windows Phone will be a great success.”

« The new Microgaming application grants the players with an excellent configuration and a stable and reliable platform provided by the technology inherent to mobile Windows. » Jackpot City’s Marketing Director

Furthermore, Microgaming benefits from strong support emanating notably from Jackpot City online casino. The marketing director in charge of Jackpot City expressed its support to this new initiative on behalf of Microgaming and Windows: “The new Microgaming application grants the players with an excellent configuration and a stable and reliable platform provided by the technology inherent to mobile Windows.”

What to expect from the mobile casino

The layout and the operating system of the mobile application are extremely accessible to all types of players. Indeed, Microgaming succeeded in developing an application designed based on the original database coding system existing on the players’ virtual data interface. The concept was simple to develop and will hence be simple to use. As we have mentioned above, the application will be available for devices powered by the Windows Phone’s software 8.0 or 8.1. The new mobile casino offers a large choice of games, comprising 35 Microgaming games such as slot machines, card games, and video poker.

In a recent press release, Microgaming announced that it would add more games on the go. Moreover, in order to guarantee stable and reliable products, Microgaming pledged to constantly offer updates to already established games, based on security concerns. At, we have no doubt that you will appreciate to find all the Microgaming games available on safe platforms directly accessible on your mobile devices. If you do not particularly enjoy spending time in front of your computer screen, the Microgaming mobile application is a fantastic alternative. We recommend you to try it out whenever you have a chance. The Microgaming mobile casino experience is obtainable in South Africa, head to to learn more.

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